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The ideal travel companion!

As a concept, BiblioTrek has been two years in the making, though its origins can be traced back a lifetime or more.

As an App, it began life in the imagination of “Fieldy”, who found that he had been “BiblioTrekking” for many years before he realised that he could put a label on the activity, and represent it graphically through the technical wonders of GPS, the iPad, iPhone or now the perfectly novel sized iPad mini, supported by a wealth of electronic resources including Wikipedia, Google maps (and now Apple maps), Gutenberg and other on-line book providers.

To “BiblioTrek” is to follow a route plotted in a literary work, or to follow in the footsteps of an author, explorer, travel pioneer or even a fictional character. This can be done from an armchair, on foot or the seat of a bus, train, boat, ship or even an aeroplane (in flight mode, of course).

Having had the idea, Fieldy was introduced to a firm named “Platform Ticket” and to Jonathan, the App designer. Platform Ticket recited Jules Verne’s observation that “what one man can imagine, other men can make happen” and Jonathan executed it!

Fieldy’s scribbled depiction of chaos theory and garbled description of a continual literal journey around the world, has been turned into a useable App wherein the user can travel the world in books, alongside authors and their fictional characters as well as other explorers and voyagers.
BiblioTrek invites you to visit the “Making of BiblioTrek” in the BiblioTrek library, and to see the amazing cascading Route Pins before joining one of the classic books or authors via the ‘Nearby Route Pin’ function.

BiblioTrek’s dream is that the journey will never end, that there will be an endless supply of classic literature and a never ending journey of reading and travelling.
“The best way to enjoy BiblioTrek, we suggest,
is to get out there and get BiblioTrekking!”